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What is LLS?

Lotus Life Sciences is a pharmaceutical brand whose endeavour is to change the exponentially growing pharma industry into one that is dependable and trustworthy. Lotus Life Sciences has a deep understanding of the conditions and lifestyle of people in India and is growing and developing along with the needs of the people. It aims to offer quality products at affordable prices to their patients.


LLS has been a keen and encouraging contributor to the TNC Medical Foundation. TNC Medical Foundation is a registered non-voluntary organisation which is involved in the holistic growth & betterment of children with cerebral palsy, autistic spectrum disorders, epilepsy and learning disability through concentrated efforts of educationists, professionals, doctors and social workers.



Type of drug: Anti-convulsant
Contents: Levetiracetam – 250/500 mg tablets
Prescribed for: Treatment of partial onset seizures, In adults with epilepsy


Type of drug: Multi vitamins, Minerals & Anti-oxidant tablets
Contents: Betahistine Dihydrochloride 8/16 mg tablets
Prescribed for: Enhances energy level &brain function, Enhances antibody mechanism, Boosts immune system, Promotes blood circulation system, healthy skin and nerves, Controls cholesterol & improves memory, Helps in the formation of healthy bones, Useful in the formation of cells, metabolism, enhances cell membrane functions


Type of drug: For Neuro-cerebral protection
Contents: Citicoline – 500mg tablets
Prescribed for: Cerebral injury, Memory & dementia, Stroke, Degenerative CNS disorders


Type of drug: Anti-anxiety & Anti-convulsant
Contents: Clobazam – 5mg tablets
Prescribed for: Anxiety, Epilepsy


Levolot M, Betin 16, Lotcal and Trampac by Lotus Life Sciences are quality products which I have been successfully using since the last 6 years.
Dr. Y.Subba Rayudu
ENT Surgeon, Guntur, Andhra Pradesh
I have been using Neurocolin, Panpet and Betin-16 from Lotus Life Sciences since the last 2 years with excellent results.
Dr. Vivek
Physician, Arogyasri Hospitals, Malkajgiri
General product by Lotus life sciences like Lotcal, Pace, Lowcistin, Trampac and Panpet have been giving good results over the past 6 years of my practice.
Dr. Glory David
General Practitioner, Kazipet